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I have been off the scene for quite a while, but I'll be back from mid-Oct and looking for some fun.I might even have an hotel room available night of Friday 19th Oct in North Bristol. I like to meet Admirers best of all, any age but I can be a little picky (txt spk / one-line messages turn me off).Expensive false breasts, beautiful dresses and sexy boots and shoes - it all went in those three small bags - her whole life. Please read all of my profile before replying though.

Maybe it was the unsolicited cock pics that put me off. I'm happy, I caught me a lovely, sweet, sexy man and I'm at last very, very happy.I will particularly be looking for meets with horny admirers, especially if you can accommodate me safely and discretely, either in hotel or at home. I'd really love to be invited for a weekend or couple of days midweek, somewhere where I will be totally safe and discreet - where I could be your sexy girlfriend and be dressed 24 hours a day for a few days. xx xx xx xx Update 14th Feb 2010: Thank you, thank you to the sweet man who sent me a Valentine's Card! Why don't you drop me a mail and not be an unknown admirer. So the first attractive guy that convinces me they will actually turn up in Bristol - gets my *special* undivided attention for the whole evening.Lorrie xx xx Update 30th January 2010: Somebody else here. Bagged her clothes and shoes up in three black bags and took her down to the recycling bin. I'll be back on TV Chix Sunday evening and looking forward, hopefully, to choosing a sexy visitor!If you didn't send me a card, well, I'm looking to play this spring, so get in touch anyhow!! I finally got a regular boyfriend again and I didn't even meet him on tvchix! He's reliable, loves to meet outside where it is safe for regular sex, he's fairly gentle, dead sexy, discreet, reliable, kind and drop dead gorgeous and doesn't demand that I dress up like Divine just to turn him on.It's taken me 4 years to find this so to say I am pleased is a total understatement.

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I am hoping to visit London a couple of times soon, particularly the Little Yellow House in Barking and maybe Sweet Wednesdays. Any offers of safe and discreet accommodation are also always welcome, particularly around London / Essex, though I'll go pretty much anywhere for the right person.

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