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Free chat with sexy woman without rugstration

p.m.: My friend and I devour brunch and exchange our latest sexual escapades; she’s super-proud of me when I tell her I fucked two different guys yesterday. p.m.: After we ask for the check, I throw Byron a text asking if he’s home. 7 p.m.: I arrive at my friend’s apartment in Inwood.I have to run some errands before a holiday dinner tonight with a group of friends, but I figure I could stop by for a quick bang in between. There’s tons of booze and food — everyone’s in a good mood.I lie around in bed exchanging sexy bed-selfies with him. He was out at a bar with some friends watching football. a.m.: I follow up with a friend I’m supposed to meet for brunch. I didn’t choose it specifically because it’s a block from Byron’s apartment, but it’s definitely in the back of my mind. I tell him about his missed opportunity and he seems equally disappointed.I make a bomb-ass cheese plate and send a picture of it to Byron. p.m.: Simon texts asking how my weekend was and if I’m free tomorrow night.I’m not, but we make plans for Tuesday and exchange a few more messages.

Afterward, we finish watching a terrible/amazing Val Kilmer movie he started earlier.

At the office, I get a text from Simon, another Tinder guy I slept with last week. DAY THREE a.m.: I wake up stupidly early for whatever reason and desperately wish Byron would too so we can fuck again.

He’s short and weird but unbearably cute, and the sex was good. DAY TWO a.m.: It’s Friday, so I’m planning ahead to secure some dick this weekend. a.m.: We’re fucking in Byron’s apartment in Chelsea. His body is even better than I thought, he uses the perfect amount of dirty talk, and he’s a really good kisser. I shift around in the hopes that he wakes, but no cigar.

a.m.: Once I’m home, I brew a pot of coffee and jump into the shower.

I’m realizing how unprepared I was for this date — my legs and bikini area somewhat unkempt. p.m.: I work for a women’s-media company; typically, it’s a nine-to-five kind of job.

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I tell him my office holiday party is this evening, and he suggests meeting up after. I make myself a giant breakfast sandwich and brew a pot of coffee before showering and climbing into bed for a nap.