Farrah destiny franklin dating

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Farrah destiny franklin dating

"They only show you what they want to, ain't always reality," she sings. They see the three minutes of the video; they don’t see the two days of shooting or 32 hours [of work]. Since you mentioned Destiny's Child, what made you decide to place an old photo of the four of you together in your new video? I would think that’s why my director put it in there. [They] didn’t handle things properly [is] how I was feeling. I even have an Instagram page called @Sexy Chef Farrah. In my personal life, I kind of wish I would have went to college.

Franklin describes herself on Instagram as a "singer, actor host, producer," and has a new single titled "Magic And Makeup" out now.

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A former member of Destiny's Child, Farrah Franklin, has been arrested and is reportedly awaiting bail.

The singer, who was a part of the famous girl group for five months in 19, was apprehended for public intoxication and possession of marijuana Thursday after an argument broke out between her and a male friend, E! The argument reportedly took place just outside a gym in De Kalb County, Ga.

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It's been 15 years since Destiny's Child fans said hello and goodbye to Farrah Franklin. train when she was cast as an extra in the group's 1999 video for "Bills, Bills, Bills." At the time, she was in a group of her own called Jane Doe, but that seemed to be going anywhere but up.

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