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Instead, she says, try to focus more on the good things and less on the bad.

"To use a garden analogy, water what you want to grow; don't water the weeds." Letting your partner know what you love about them—whether it's physical, intellectual, or emotional—can actually help you see him or her in a more positive light, says Solomon.

In fact, researchers found that frequent kissing was even more important to relationship satisfaction than frequent sex.In fact, a 2014 survey presented at the Edinburgh International Science Festival found that couples who slept the closest to each other reported having more relationship satisfaction."Of course we don't know if sleeping apart causes dissatisfaction or if happier couples simply sleep closer, but why not just try to get closer and see if it helps? "Get the toddler or the dog out of the bed and try snuggling for at least a few minutes.""If you haven't put your family and your relationship on a technology diet yet, this is the year to do it," says Walsh.For whatever reason you've found yourself falling out of love, here's how the experts suggest you find your way back in."Long-term couples don't touch enough," says Wendy Walsh, clinical psychologist and founder of Ask ALove Guru.com, a site that matches relationship therapists with potential clients."When we touch—especially skin-to-skin—we get a little rush of the brain chemicals that help trigger those loving feelings." Think about how often you and your partner actually share physical contact on a daily basis.

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There are lots of great things about being in a long-term relationship: Research shows that happy couples, in many ways, have better health and overall wellbeing than their single or divorced peers.