Excel turn off screenupdating of oil painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating european oil

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Excel turn off screenupdating

So its the refresh of the conditional format cells within the activesheet window that uses the time, even if its hidden behind some other window. This times the effect of a complete scroll of the conditional formats window.

As you can see the scroll times are comparable to the refresh times in the first set of tests, except for Excel 2013.

The timings were virtually the same as with the Formats sheet visible. On Time Now Time Serial(0, 0, 10), "Clear Status Bar" Set a Doc = Active Document 'Word document name open (a Doc) is declared as Word Fn Word FN = Left(a Doc. Name) - 4) 'Open contains a match for Word Fn 'Application. These are also the names of work docs found in c:\forms\travel expenses.doc, c:\forms\training expenses. Column D, E, F etc are the names of forms say D5- travel expenses, training expenses, end of quarterly expenses etc. It just sits in memory not doing anything except using up your resources. Plus you never "Close" the document and "Exit" the application.

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Built In Document Properties("Title") 'Update the Title Fields Call Update Story Ranges(b Doc) 'Application. On Time Now Time Serial(0, 0, 10), "Clear Status Bar" b Doc. Close savechanges:=wd Do Not Save Changes 'Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Update Story Ranges(Current Doc As Document) Application. Status Bar = "" Try this at different points in the code. I would like to test the code for you, but I'm going to need everything that is necessary.

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