Examples inaccurate carbon dating

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Examples inaccurate carbon dating

Just because some bum wrote stories down 300 years after the "so called stories* took place is no evidence.

If anything its a very, very warped result of hundreds of years of story telling.

Anthropolgy lists 4 proto-humans - Gigantopithicus, Cro-Magnon, Pygmy, and Neanderthal.

The Ica stones in Peru have drawings of humans living alongside the dinosaurs.

These people usually die very young because our bodies genetic code was not made to cope with such an extreme.

The only real question is how old are these skeletons?

Carbon dating is notoriously inaccurate for large numbers so the giants existed and all we need consider is when did they exist?

This puts it in the realm of the Adena civilization who were present in the area at this time.

In the 1890s, Professor Frederic Ward Putnam excavated some of the mounds next to Serpent Mound and found only 6ft tall skeletons, but a postcard showing one 7 feet in height was recently rediscovered by researcher Jeffrey Wilson.

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Notice that the legs are cut off at the knees, so is “7ft” what we actually see, or is it an estimation if he had his lower legs and feet attached?

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