End dating ammo

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End dating ammo

The DAC awards 6.5 Continuing Education Units(CEUs) on the course certificate for successful completion of this course.But storing ammo isn’t necessarily as simple as putting it in a box and forgetting about it. Otherwise, you could be ruining your ammo before you ever get to use it.It's lot number 56YA42 equates to production line 56, 24 January The older box also has a darker dating ammo boxes of OD.The sides of the lid of the M19A1 are similar to the type found on early M2A1 boxes.Prerequisites: For non-intern students, successful completion of Ammo-45-DL, Introduction to Ammunition, a working knowledge of the hazardous materials classification system, and a working knowledge of the ammunition storage compatibility system. The IACET Standard: DAC has been approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

A few of the most common post war boxes are listed below.Descriptive nomenclature and model number of the ammunition.Ammo cans and boxes developed alongside the guns they served.So think twice before storing ammo in your car during the summer months.And if you stash away boxes of ammunition in an attic, garage, or cellar that receives a lot of sunlight during the day, you might want to move them to a cooler part of the house during the summer months.

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