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Emotions and dating

Next time you experience similar feelings you'll know your emotional boundaries have been breached and you'll be more confident in dealing with any such situations while using online dating services.

Remember that you can't read someone's facial expression or body language when they open your email or instant messages during online dating.

If, for example, you've just shared a story about your relationship history, give them the option of not reciprocating by saying “So that's my story but if you're not comfortable sharing yours just yet that's fine, I'll understand.” One of the biggest dating no no's is to use anything revealed to you, such as fears or insecurities, to pressure an online dating partner in any way.

This is a major breach of online dating etiquette and is potentially devastating to your online dating partner's emotional safety.

Everyone has different emotional comfort zones and it is worthwhile thinking about how online dating, like any dating, could affect you emotionally.

If we don’t like the way our date cuts their food, laughs, or pronounces our name, then we’re out – there are many more options to choose from. We treat romantic options like menu items as we flip through potential matches”until we find a few that fulfill our checklist of requirements.

While there isn't anything wrong with getting back in the saddle, being aware of your motivations in using online dating services will increase your chances of safe, successful online dating.

So ask yourself whether you're really looking for a long-term partner or just want someone to go to the movies with and know there's nothing wrong with the latter.

But the absence of emotions isn’t just rampant in the way we approach dating.

Once you’re actually in a new relationship with someone, we replace emotions with emoji – ending text messages with hearts and blown kisses – and call it a deep relationship. Instead of embraced, it’s almost seen as a warning sign if the other starts to show signs of vulnerability in the dating stage, as one person usually backs away when the other start to express emotion.

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Gone are the days of dating and falling in love the old-fashioned way.

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