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An anxious dog can be very destructive, barking, whining, chewing, and otherwise causing mayhem.

These breeds do best when a family member is home during the day or if you can take the dog to work.

We have seven Afghan Hound, one German Shepherd, one Golden Retriever, three standard poodle, Middle Asian Ovtcharka, all 14 are undergoing medical treatment till first week of April. Name: Sadie (Sadie is adopted in Las Vegas) Age: 16 months old Gender: Female Breed: Standard Poodle Information: Sadie is an adorable girl with tail wagging non stop. Name: Anita (Anita is adopted) Age: 2 years old (best estimate) Gender: Female Breed: Bull Dog Information: He is such an energetic boy, wants to get in touch with the outside world he’s never known. Name: Spring (Spring is adopted) Age: 3 years (best estimate) Gender: Female Breed: German Shepherd Information: She is reacting well to the new food and smell but very timid for now.

She was one of the 14 rescued in March 2017 from the puppy mill. Her playmate Joy is gong to fly soon, Sadie will be left alone. I am going to give her time for her to get to know this new planet.

Please read the adoption process before you pick your dog. LADY MOO’s Rescue Lady Moo is one of our board members.

(Our board of directors and members are rescuers if not promoting local adoptions) Lady Moo is a 73 years old lady who has been looking after 17 old and sick dogs at home.

She goes out to rescue whenever she bumps into dog traders or trader’s truck near slaughterhouses. It was middle of May 2017 Lady Moo called Nami and asked for help.

Fourteen heads are safe with us, warming up to live a new life. Seven Afghan Hound are already taken by a rescue group, the remaining dogs will be available middle of April. It was late January that I received a message from Congressman Pyo’s friend whose name was Pyo as well, a police officer in Incheon city.We need to mention that we won’t be able to describe their weight as they gain so much weight after our care. As for Linda (lives in Seattle now) she was found malnourished but gained 9 kg (20 pounds) over three months since the rescue in February 2017.The weight ranges, as for Jindo mix its normally 30 to 40 pounds, for Hound/Tosa mix, they are minimum 50 to 60 pounds.He informed me about this puppy mill and asked for help.We went down to inspect the place which was located in a commercial building, its was a hell.

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We fixed a rescue date and went together to negotiate with the butcher. Had three vets visited upon arrival of our shelter.