Design speed dating

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This primetime working spot is wired to also make it the perfect charging station for your phone or tablet.

Seated or standing, this is the kind of desk creative workers around the globe are desperately in need of.

At this event our valued Machine Builder Partners were able to meeting with our Strategic Account Managers who manage these EMEA and Global customers, to provide insights on their future needs, thinking and plans (subject to mutual NDA).

We are beyond envious of how seriously they take their personal time.

Thanks to a recent trip to Paris, I'm officially a speed-dating convert. But I wasn't there to find my next potential love interest, I was there to learn about the biggest upcoming design trends.

Let me set the scene: I was in one of the most romantic cities in the world, anxiously sitting at a table across from an empty chair (champagne in hand, to take the edge off) soon-to-be filled by a stranger (who will hopefully entertain my Frenglish). At the Maison et Objet design fairs in the France, I went on micro-dates with some of the country's top designers to learn everything about their respective businesses, trend forecasts, and design a matter of minutes.

Going back to the office after a holiday can feel impossible, but French brands like La Petite Papeterie Française want to make it a seamless transition."You are quickly getting to work...eating fast, thinking fast, going home fast; sleeping too little," says the founder and creative director, Sylvie Bétard.

"The functional office has become a privileged place where people should stop, breathe, enjoy, reflect, and eliminate the shock caused by our hyper-activity."The best way to adopt the slow lifestyle trend at the office? Beautifully-crafted officeware encourages a moment of appreciation and is on the menu from here on out. I immediately loved the way their quirky designs still had an authentically storied feel.

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In today’s competitive environment, end-user customers demand flexible and efficient equipment that increases business agility, optimises productivity and can turn data into working information capital. Understanding these end-user needs is critical to the success of your future smart machine designs.