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Death note dating simulation games

I'm just gonna walk away from this and never return. But I've got a lil neighbour that reads Death Note and if they find this they're gonna start writing everyone's name they hate in it and attempt it to be real.

It's good for writing Donald Trump's name or Hillary Clinton's name in!

Lice took the control about two weeks ago but she tough some homemade potions would help her control the infestat...

Our Warrior Princess's wish is to be seen and loved for who she is inside, and in order to do that she must let go of her old look.

Change her hairstyle to show off her true personality, cut, dye o... She is feeling heartbroken because Ken leaves her but it is the time for her to get up on her feet again. Barbie is going on a trip to the fantastic land of burritos, mariachi and of course the incredible Mayan pyramids.

She has been planning this Mexican trip for quite a while, and today her plan will...

She has long strawberry-blonde hair tied into two pigtail braids. Queen Elsa of Arendelle, also known as The Snow Queen, has long platinum blonde hair.

This event will change her life and she needs to look super cute for it. This year Elsa from Frozen is celebrating Christmas by getting a new hairstyle!

Take your Princess to the Salon for the Perfect Makeover and some beauty tips! Follow instructions in the game and apply facial treatment and Sofia will... Create three unique outfits for a special night and add the additional accessories to finalize the aspect.

Choose the dress that fit better each girl and play... s gorgeous blonde hair locks began to look increasingly worse with each day!

She found a spectacular dress and some chic accessories but she needs some help with her hair style. Snow White is the lucky owner of a magical Beard Salon, the place where her favourite seven dwarfs and a couple their friends go to style up her long and white beards. Punk Rock Braids are the craze in hairstyle right now and Elsa is ready to test them out!

It was time for a change from her old hairstyle anyway, but she is not ready to let go of braids. When wearing a lot of denim you have to come up with some amazing hairstyles that will nicely complement your chosen outfit. Hey girls, in this lovely new Enchanted Forest Hair Salon you can practice and prove you hair stylist skills by giving amazing new and fabulous haircuts to Red Riding Hood, the Pony Princess and Ti...

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Will baby Barbie look as pretty with a short hairstyle as with her gorgeous long hair?