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Datinginhighschool com

From mundane things like, “Yes, I want sugar in my coffee,” or, “No, I don’t want cheese on my burger,” to answering important and personal questions about ourselves.

The classic tale of looking for the pot of gold and not seeing the rainbow in front of you.

However, I didn’t know the guy well and soon found out that my infatuation was short-lived.

After that experience, I realized relationships aren’t just things that happen.

While I was still fawning over all of the guys who had graduated and gone off to college, I didn’t pay attention to all of the great guys in my own grade.

I know without a doubt I missed out on some great opportunities to get to know the male counterpart of my fellow juniors. The first was a British boy three years older than me who went to the same high school but moved back to England.

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