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The previous two installments in this conservation series gave illustrations of local, statewide, and regional efforts: first in Europe, and then in several coastal American states: Hawaii, Oregon, and Maine.Now a report from Nebraska, on a major prairie-conservation effort underway there.It is critical for donors to carefully vet their nonprofit partners and ensure that their goals will be achieved.My wife and I were longtime supporters of The Nature Conservancy because of its approach: If you want to protect land, don't just go whining to the feds, buy the land!We have forbidden grazing, timbering, cultivation, subdivision, construction, hunting, trapping, and motorized travel, among other restrictions.Exceptions are granted to preserve the ecological health of the land, thus thinning for fire prevention is permitted but commercial logging is prohibited.

Under the easement, the land is better protected than the surrounding National Forest, which in reality is not very well protected, regardless of what one might think are the regulations protecting such lands.

My wife and I own a 150-acre inholding in the Santa Fe National Forest.

For those not familiar with the term, an inholding is a parcel of private land, completely surrounded by the national forest.

(For the record: I have no connection to TNC or any of the other groups mentioned here.

But I do like the idea of sharing and connecting stories of creative efforts to preserve the natural environment and improve communities in other ways.)Happy New Year, and thanks for the reports.

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Because of the public benefits associated with open space—improved water quality, scenic beauty, wildlife habitat and productive soils—landowners who donate easements are eligible to receive state and federal tax benefits.