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Dating structo toys

These and other sets were soon reissued at very reasonable prices, and in no time, Magic Marxie was back! New York City, New York 1938-1945 Other name: Faben Products Inc. He declared bankruptcy in 1945, but was back in business a year later. Also produced a popular line of comic figures on bicycle gravity toys, including Charlie Chaplin, Uncle Sam, Roosevelt Bears (Circa 1912). Specialized in Arctic ice cream wagons, airplanes, stake and dump trucks.. Auburn Auburn, Indiana 1913 - 1968 Other name: Double Fabric Tire Corp.In 1995 Marx Toys, * a new entity, Marx Toy Corporation, was formed in Sebring Ohio. no longer exists, their legacy of producing quality toy products continues. Specialty: English Palace Guards toy soldiers and military miniatures. Bassett-Lowke Northampton, England 1899 to date Founder: Wenman J.

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However, they made up for this with conviction, commitment, good instinct, and Louis's talent and indomitable energy, combined with David's operational skills.

Two basic policies were instilled from the beginning at Louis Marx & Co.: "Give the customer more toy for less money," and "Quality is not negotiable." Louis and David worked long, hard days and nights to turn these policies into realities, setting an example for their staff and the entire industry.

Bing went under during the crash of 1929; Karl Bub acquired the toy trains division and Fleischmann the toy boats. Bliss had over a one hundred-year history, although the earliest ad for toys appeared in the New England Business Directory in 1871. Designed such classics as "Darktown Battery", "Girl Skipping Rope", "Reclining Chinaman. Springfield, Massachusetts 1861 to date Variously identified as Milton Bradley Co., Milton Bradley & Co., Milton Bradley and company. Launched his business with "The Checkered Game of Life", a board game of high moral overtones.

Pioneered in development of lithographed paper on wooden toys including dolls' houses, boats, trains, and building blocks. New York City, New York 1881 - 1962 Founder: George Borgfeldt, and Marcell and Joseph Kahle. Toys which included comic novelty tin wind-ups under the name "Nifty." Trademark was "Nifty" smiling moon face. Milton Bradley also became well known for educational games, books, kindergarten teaching aids, and school supplies, as well as a small range of toys. London, England 1893 to date Founder: William Britain Three dimensional hollow toy soldier, largest producer of toy soldiers Introduced a three dimensional hollow toy soldier line, faithfully replicating over 100 British Army regiments in their first decade of doing business. Brown and Chauncey Goodrich First manufacturer to produce toys with clock-work mechanisms. Known for classic boats, vehicles, animal platforms toys, dancing figures, and hoop bell toy, fashioned in painted tin. Buddy L Salem, Massachusetts 1910 to date Other names: Moline Press Steel(1910-1913); Buddy L Wood Products(1944); Buddy L Manufacturing (1930); Buddy L Corp.(to date).

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In 1982, American Plastic Equipment of Florida purchased the company's assets from the Chemical Bank of New York.