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This usually indicates dirt or contamination on the printhead.

• Do not place an important image on the front of the card in the same area as a magnetic stripe or other machine-readable feature.

• Data to encode can be on side 1 (front) or side 2 (back) of the card.The following basic safety tips are given to ensure safe installation, operation and maintenance of Datacard Group brand equipment and are not to be considered as comprehensive on all matters of safety.Cards can stick together: Slide or fan cards to separate the edges before loading the input hopper.Clean the Printhead Begin with the printer powered off.Get the Printer Network IP Address The printer can display the IP address it uses when connected to the network.

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The data to encode on a magnetic stripe is entered as text and can look like data to print driver sd need updating please. See Windows help for information on using Print Manager. Chapter 6: Card Design and Setup Card design is the name given to the combined features of the printed cards.

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