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Dating site phuket

I’m sure they’re going to school during the day to acquire and train these amazing skills on the rods.

Just opposite is a small stage with a mattress where one or two girls are performing fascinating aerobics.

If you have just arrived in Patong, checked into your hotel, taken a shower and short rest from your travels, then you will ask yourself: What am I going to do first?

Chances are that you don’t want to go sightseeing until your first full day on the island, so then what to do?

That’s what a lot of newbies falsely assume – they think that they buy the girls drinks. Just smile and tell her politely that you want to “just looking first”.

But you don’t, you can just sit there, drink your beer and watch the scene. Popular activities in the girly bars other than talking to the girls are playing pool and watching live sport on the TV.

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And since it’s outdoor you won’t see any of the dancers taking off their bras.

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