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Dating sexyvideo

JESSICA Wright may miss out on doing a massive TV show – because she’s been dating Strictly dancer Giovanni Pernice in secret for a month.As The Sun Online exclusively revealed yesterday, former Towie star Jess and professional dancer Giovanni have been going on dates since November after meeting through her brother Mark.'TBH I love being this guys wife & its nice that he loves being/looking ridiculous just as much as me #herestomanymore#ifthewhiskeydontgetyou,' she added.Tess also couldn't resist post videos of the inn's eclectic decor, sharing footage of the floral-patterned steps to the ornate pink and gold powder room.Tess happily gushing about her 'beautiful new shin tattoo,' which was done by artist Jackie Dunn Smith at Thunderbird Tattoo in Los Angeles.

She was wearing all black, but it wasn't like she was hiding or anything. They were talking really closely, leaning into each other.Nick has his back turned to the camera, and it is unclear if he is really watching Netflix or just waiting for his wife to stop filming.Tess seems to have made a miraculous recovery after spending most of the week feeling sick, sharing a photo of herself lying next to a box of tissues on Thursday morning.'But like, how can so much snot be in one person's body? The body-positive activist came down with a cold right before she and Nick headed to the whimsical Madonna Inn in central California for their six-year anniversary.The couple travel to the inn every year to celebrate their first meeting after Nick Tess has been happily sharing photos and videos from their trip, and on Thursday she posted a heartwarming snapshot of herself holding a frozen cocktail while posing in a red booth with Nick at the inn's restaurant, Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steak House .'Yearly anniversary getaway at our favorite place @madonnainn1958,' she wrote.'Not pictured was my drunk Aussie husband climbing the rock walls in our room last night, naked, after I dared him too.

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'At the start of the video, Tess turns her head from side to side before lowering the camera so her bra and underwear are on full display.