Dating script with chat

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I'm gonna say something thatyou may be a little resistant to... Massimo Lenzetta, the little boyyou played with the summer we were in Italy? Quarter cup oflemonjuice, halfa cup ofsalt and a loofah sponge. They wanna make it a social event, the party everybody talks about. you'd save me the trouble ofdesigning my own letterhead. You know, maybe I should just start my own company. If I nailed the donolly account and you made me a partner... I had to go through your wallet to get your identifiication. We'rejust waiting on the CAT scan to be processed, then we can get you out.

The belly dancer's here, and she has a tattoo ofan-- It's okay.

When I did Whitney Houston's wedding, she was even more nervous than you.

I'd kill for Tracy's thighs." Butyou have more than great thighs. A man who, when he walked into rehearsal dinner the other day... I can't believe I'm marrying the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." That tells me that this marriage of yours is not only gonna work...

there is a handsome Italian man waiting to marry you in the lobby.

When we were kids, he followed me for a summer asking me if I had a vagina.

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I bumped into him on New Arrivals Night at the Sicilian Association.