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After splitting up with her husband, Sharon Perkins, 50, from Coventry, West Midlands, spent some of the money from her divorce settlement on two boob jobs, and the mother-of-three says she feels sexier than ever.Ms Perkins's implants, which were so large they had to be specially imported from America, weigh half a stone and even though she recently became a grandmother, she plans to keep showing off her enlarged assets in her favourite low-cut tops.Grandmother Sharon Perkins, 50, has spent £10,000 of her ex-husband's money on Britain's biggest breasts undergoing an operation to take her from a 34D to a huge 32MM.She is pictured before (left) and after (right) her two breast enlargements Her new partner, Carl Hamilton, 50, (pictured left with Ms Perkins before her op, and right afterwards) is delighted with the attention her new additions get and has nicknamed her breasts his 'best friends'Ms Perkins received £33,000 from her divorce settlement, and while her former husband spent some of his money on a new car, she decided to get a breast enlargement - something she had always dreamt of doing but never had the spare cash for.A married teacher has been banned from the classroom for life for having a nine-month affair with an 18-year-old student, whom she nicknamed 'The A Team'.Amena Nazam-Khan, 36, who taught at Tong High School in Bradford, used Facebook and a mobile phone app to sext the schoolboy and send naked pictures of herself.But the tribunal dismissed these claims, and the claim Mrs Khan had paid for the meals, because they were made shortly after she had ended the relationship.The panel said there was clear evidence that around this time Pupil A was 'feeling aggrieved and seeking vengeance'.

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But the panel also noted that following the affair his performance at school deteriorated as he experienced 'emotional distress'.

Banning her from teaching for life, decision maker Alan Meyrick said: 'The relationships panned several months.'The panel do not consider that Mrs Nazam Khan has shown any remorse for her actions and the impact upon the pupil.

Her breast size is slightly larger than that of Army wife Debbie Delamar, 36, from Brecon, Pwoys, a previous claimant of the Britain's biggest fake breasts crown, who has endured three procedures to take her from a 30DD to a 30KK.

Ankle bracelets are also called anklets, and are used as an accent to casual attire.

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Often they're the expert at what they do, but when they get home, they're in an emotional environment and out of their comfort zone.