Dating middle age after divorce lonely wife dating site

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It was only in my 50s that I started dating properly and another four years before I met Mark on a dating website, uk.' Miriam is certainly not alone in facing these challenges.

There has been a seismic shift in the institution of marriage.

More than half said they were happier than they had ever been.

And while the majority were open to the idea of a good relationship, they weren't obsessed with finding a new partner.

Over 63 per cent say that getting older, with grown-up children who are financially independent, gives them a chance to pursue their dreams and do things they've always wanted to.

And 80 per cent agree that as they've grown older they're more free to be themselves.

'It's hard to define why we clicked,' says Miriam, 54, 'but perhaps after one marriage and four years of dating, I was better equipped to judge a good man.

Mark is kind, patient, loving and completely selfless.

While some may never recover, the majority pick up the pieces and refuse to give in to self-pity.Counsellor Keren Smedley says: 'So many women say to me that it's lonelier being within a lousy relationship than being on their own.' And it is these women - who have been in unhappy relationships and have chosen to leave them - who often recover more quickly from divorce later in life because the grieving has been done by the time the marriage is finally over.The AARP survey also contradicted the belief that as women get older they want to slow down and get a few more cats.And yet, ask her today and she will insist that divorce was the best thing that's ever happened to her.For she has since met Mark, who she describes as her one true soulmate.

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Charlotte Friedman, a former barrister specialising in family law, retrained as a family therapist and two years ago launched the Divorce Support Group to help people work through the psychological and emotional impact of divorce.