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It makes leaving very difficult especially if you are already isolated.’ 14.‘Not trusting you to have friends of the opposite gender.’ 15. People who load up on credit card debt, can’t control their compulsive urges to purchase stuff they don’t need on impulse buys, aren’t good partners for building long term financial stability.’ 16.‘Does not like or allow you to show true emotions, actually makes you feel guilty for the way you feel.’ 19.

In a Reddit thread which asked: ‘Redditors, what are some signs that your significant other is manipulative, insecure, or otherwise just not good for you? ‘When any situation becomes about them and their feelings.’ 3.

‘If he or she is constantly worried about you cheating on them, it’s quite possible that they are the ones cheating on you.’ 10.

‘Will put you down in front of others and, if extremely skilled, will be able to get others to do the same.’ 11.

‘Taking control of money, basically everything is under their control financially.

It’s a big one you can’t leave someone if they have the purse strings.

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