Dating housewives hyderabad

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Dating housewives hyderabad

The couple lives in the state called Grihastashram or family system and together they nurture the family and help its members (both young and old) through the travails of life.The woman who increments the family tree (bears children) and protects those children is described as the Grihalakshmi (the wealth of the house) and Grihashoba (the glory of the house).As Confucianism spread across East Asia, this social norm was also observed in Korea, Japan and Vietnam.As foot binding became common after the Song Dynasty, many women lost the ability to work outside.Starting with the rule of the People's Republic of China in 1949, all women were freed from compulsory family roles.During the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, some women even worked in fields that were traditionally reserved for males.In modern China, housewives are no longer as common, especially in the largest cities and other urban areas.

Regarding work, being a housewife may be seen as the opposite of being a career woman.

However, in other families, there is still a traditional idea that housework is only a woman's job; so when a couple gets home from work, the wife works in the house while the man takes a rest, or uses the time for recreational pursuits.

Housewives are usually financially dependent on members of the household who are employed; however, people working full-time (particularly under "at-will employment" arrangements) benefit from the unwaged work provided by the housewife; otherwise the performance of such work (child care, cooking, housecleaning, teaching, transporting, etc.) in her absence would cost money.

However, their unified status as joint householders is the nucleus from within which they operate in society.

The traditional status of a woman as a homemaker anchors them in society and provides meaning to their activities within the social, religious, political and economic framework of their world.

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However, a career woman may also be contrasted to someone following the "mommy track", or a shared earning/shared parenting marriage.