Dating girl obedient

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Dating girl obedient

Felicia was too busy overseeing the construction of our new home, and the opening of her third physical therapy office, with her partner, ex- college roommate, and former (I hoped) lover, Beverly.

From a young age, Felicia had shown a proficiency for sports and health care studies.

Though I believed my pleasure was secondary, she always saw to it that I was fulfilled.

Elaine had told her in confidence that I was a perfect candidate for their project. I didn’t hesitate for us to move in with Elaine right after our honeymoon. I then became Elaine’s assistant as far as housekeeping, some paperwork, and personal services, were concerned. She had taught me how to cook, clean, do laundry, scrub floors, and make beds.

Although I was being trained for her daughter, my wife, Felicia, Elaine was putting her imprint on me.

Fortunately we had placed all the packages in the trunk of the car, and they only had their purses to carry, giving them each a free hand to comfort me.

I was wearing a very fluffy rose-colored sweater with a pair of charcoal gray stirrup slacks.

The seven blocks to Tanya’s “ Total Look” salon seemed like an eternity at first.

But into the first block mummy and Felicia each took one of my hands and gripped them tightly.

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Her reference to my being her mother’s size made me feel slightly self-conscious.