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When it began in the 70's, there were no problems with copyright issues.This saga only surfaced a decade later in the mid 80's when Fender and Gibson felt that their empire was threatened.For the Gibson copies, fortunately the most part of the design stayed the same.E.g., angle ratio between body and neck, curves on the maple top, and even the open book design on the headstock.I kind of stored that tidbit away for future reference, mainly because there aren’t any pawn shops really close to where I live.But today, I happened to park in front of a pawn shop (I work about 20 miles from where I live), and after lunch, on a whim, decided to go in.

The bigger number means the better the guitar in terms of sound and finishing qualities.

After the lawsuit threats emerged, Fernandes most obvious change was to their headstock shapes - it was changed completely.

The rare old Fender copies are extremely detailed, though no longer in production, can still be found in the vintage market.

These vintage copies were commonly known as the “Revival” series.

This name was given because they were essentially reviving the old classic Fenders. These alphabets stand for Fernandes Sound and Research Group.

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To avoid the copyright war, Fernandes began to make changes to certain parts of their design like truss rod cover, shape etc.

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