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Jealously is not one of the personality traits of a Pisces male.

When he manages to brush off the starry dust from his eyes, he sees the real world and then, goes about doing the business of earning his bread. The moment he starts working towards practical aims, you can be sure that he will win the next 'Achievers Award'.

A Piscean guy is never too cautious about money and you will have to handle that front.

Infact, you need to present yourself as the perfect example of a saver and he will, sooner or later, follow suit.

The latter types remain tangled in their dreams, may not notice even when the opportunity knocks at the door and may miss the bright sunlight of success.

A Piscean man needs to develop the personality traits of resolute judgment and unwavering actions to realize his ambitions and be a winner.

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He will listen patiently to their childish problems, provide them with solutions, keep their imagination oiled and minds active.

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