Dating after cancer

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After chemotherapy and especially radiation, your vagina can be very dry.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 25, and spent the next year getting chemotherapy, radiation and a radical hysterectomy.I’ve counseled women who survived gynecological cancer, whose vaginal canals meshed so close together that their doctor can’t even fit a speculum inside.What does that do for the quality of life for a woman like that? Maybe she can’t have penetration through the vaginal canal, but I expect the medical community—her hospital or cancer center—to help her navigate to a good quality of life. If your clinical team doesn't raise the concern with you, you need to speak up.She wound up with “bad radiation burns from front to back” as well as vagina atrophy, shrinkage and dryness, all of which led to painful sex.“I knew at 25 this just couldn’t be it for me.I knew I wanted to have sex again, and I wanted to have Related: Cancer treatments wreak havoc on intimacy Felder founded Cervivor, a nonprofit that educates patients and survivors of cervical cancer.

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Take a chance and write them, saying, "This is what happened to my vagina after cancer, and this is how you can help." Make sure you heal properly.

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