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With no friends or family to turn to, a furious Stanley set out on his own, determined to acquire fame and fortune twice the size his twin ever would've earned.After a failed foray into combing beaches for buried treasure, Stan founded Stan Co. Through his self-managed company, Stan made and sold a variety of cheap and poorly-constructed household utilities, from Stan Co.Pitchforks (whose heads tended to fall off) to the "Sham Total" shammy towels, both of which resulted in Stan Co.Enterprises, along with Stan himself, being banned from the state of New Jersey.He and his twin brother Stanford were very close, Stan's strong, brawny personality combining well with Ford's brilliance: when together, they were an unstoppable pair.Stan also faced frequent bullying due to his weak appearence as a child, most notably from childhood foe Crampelter.Stan is not above using the twins, as it happened when he planned a family bonding day that consisted of helping him create forged dollar bills, which resulted in the three being taken to county jail overnight.However, he soon seems to appreciate having the twins around: in "The Legend of the Gobblewonker", he is eager to take them fishing with him, even making them fishing hats with their names, and spends the rest of the day angrily upset at their choosing to go monster hunting with Soos.

During the brawl, which caused Stan to burn his back on one of the symbols in the machinery, the device was inadvertently activated, and Stan unintentionally pushed his brother into the portal's range, sending Ford through the dimensional rift before its immediate shutdown from lack of fuel.

He once stole a collection of cursed wax figures from a local garage sale for this purpose, which became the Shack's Wax Museum of Mystery and was a huge success until Stan inadvertently forgot its existence.

Edwin Durland was hired as a handyman for the Mystery Shack during this time; after firing him for his seeming incompetence, Stan caught sight of 12-year-old Soos Ramirez holding a screwdriver and offered him the job on the spot.

The ceremony is ultimately a failure, as it was massively attended by a crowd that Stan promised free pizza to; the crowd grows angry and violent upon discovering there is no pizza.

Stan talks to and carries his wax twin around happily, but his joy is cut short when the wax figure is beheaded, an axe beside it and its head missing.

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