Dating a confirmed bachlor dating with kids advice

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He argues that even if the marriage fails, at least get divorced, separated or estranged.

“A battalion of aunties always throw a spanner in the works by hooking up such men with potential mates, hoping he marries one of them.In some traditional set ups or forums, bachelors are not allowed to speak and if they have to they speak last, after their married juniors, including women. Bachelors, too, have to contend with many other stereotypical disadvantages.For instance, among their peers, they tend to be the fall guy whose married friends turns to when seeking an excuse for sleeping away from home or after a long night out.Basically, around here, as a man you must get married.No excuse of being past your ‘sell by date’, you can still make babies even in your 50s,” says Kabiru.

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Society tends to be a bit lenient when a woman decides she’d rather be alone, thanks to women empowerment and infiltration of western cultures into contemporary Kenya.

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