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This means that we’re not including the fundamental ground of being in our everyday life.If we were to start doing that and put the sacred front and center, we’d get a much bigger platform from which to operate.It may not even be pleasant, but it’s the homework our soul needs.This is where Marianne explained the importance of meditation.God can’t create anything other than itself, so we are godlike in that sense, with the only difference being that god created us and not vice versa. Good, because this is where things get interesting.Now in each moment, we can either experience fear — which is the same as being closed, or being in hell — or love, which is the same as openness or heaven.When you embrace the love, you are in heaven, experiencing peace and joy.When you deflect the love, you are in hell, experiencing anxiety, fear, and discomfort.

In that course, we are a thought in the mind of god (and you can pick god to mean whatever it means to you: creation, nature, The Force).

It is our light, not our darkness, that (1993) is a must-read which informs much of The Tao of Dating for Women. I encourage you to see her whenever the opportunity arises.

She started the talk by remarking that in medieval times in Europe, towns were built with the church at the center.

As an aside, she mentioned that women don’t need men, the same way they need food and air.

They men, and in any case, that’s much healthier and more attractive (and this audience member wholeheartedly agrees — it’s kinda the basis of this book I wrote).

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Do it enough times, and fear-based thought becomes a default setting.