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Simon, Carly - Folk Singer Slate, Jenny - Comedienne, Marcel, Saturday Night Live Springer, Jerry - Host of The Jerry Springer Show, Misanthropic Entertainment Genius Stern, Howard - Radio Commentator, controversial host, judge on America's Got Talent Sternin, Lilith - Fictional Jewish Character on Cheers and Fraser played by Bebe Neuwirth Stewart, Jon - Hilarious Jew, The Daily Show newscasts Stiller, Jerry - Jewish Actor, Mr.

Costanza and Ben's dad, Seinfeld Show Streisand, Barbara (Barbra) - Singer, Actress, Songwriter, Author Taylor, Elizabeth - Jewish Actress, Cleopatra, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

I think it’s good to let people forget about you for a little while. What was going on in your life that drove the songs?

The last album went gold – it was perceived as a failure and it made me reassess things.

While touring the world and performing onstage for adoring fans, the “Mr. “Not about getting it back but trying to get it back.” The album is divided as such: “The record is mostly about failing at the things you’re trying to do when you are getting better. It’s more like the hangover.” One of his lowest moments came on tour, when he lost two of the people he was closest to on the same day.

Jones” singer was battling severe depression and an inability to connect with people, he reveals to PEOPLE. “We were in Perth and in one 10-minute period I got a text message from my girlfriend telling me that I needed to get out of her life – eight minutes after the phone call from my mother that my grandmother had died.

I went back and listened to that record a lot and went back to journals I’d been writing. We’d just come off a huge success and I was new to living in California and it was a confusing, lonely time. I was out doing a lot of dating and that’s enough to send anybody running into a severe depression (laughs). No, I have a really great girlfriend, Melina – we live together. It took a little adjustment because I hadn’t lived with anybody since my wife and that was years ago. I met her in a record store in New York City about two-and-a-half years ago. She was doing these charity auctions on e Bay and she had a bunch of CDs for me to sign.

Greenspan is also Talented as an Entertainer and Concert Violinist.To write and record it, Rzeznik went with the rest of the Goos back to his hometown of Buffalo, New York.“It helped me reconnect with my own identity,” he says.I tried to run away from her every possible way I could.She was like, “You’ll be here when you want to be.” I was very smitten with that. I got back to Los Angeles from Buffalo and got on my bathroom scale and went, “Oh my god, you fat pig.” Now I’m getting my groove back.

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I stopped letting myself feel.” Now, almost six years since the release of their 2002 hit album , a double album inspired by the painful emotional journey Duritz experienced.

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