Couchsurfing dating

Posted by / 09-Apr-2019 10:58

I have to make this confession: Couchsurfing is the best dating app I have ever used.

I look for someone I can get along with, someone funny and who is definitely willing to show the best of that certain city.

Neither I am saying that girls should tolerate harassment or situations that we definitely do not feel comfortable with. Is about finding someone who shares your craziness and adventure spirit.

Someone who enjoys and treasures the time you both spend together.

Business Insider interviewed a 32-year-old New Yorker, “Riccardo,” who only invites attractive young female travelers into his home.

He’s hosted eight guests to date, of whom he’s banged five.

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They become ambassadors of that certain place you're visiting, whether you are surfing their couch or not.