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Consolidating schools in pa

Means said it would have cost the district million to renovate Zachariah Connell.Carte agreed, and said by closing Zachariah Connell, it has eliminated 29 percent of future renovation costs.the right hand wouldn’t be knowing what the left hand is doing.” She said it would not provide an educational improvement for the students. A6 with: Problem of mathematics in secondary education / Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education. She suggests having four schools in the district’s most-populated areas. “With the declining enrollment, we don’t need eight elementary schools anymore.We are running schools that are half-empty.” She said only 42 percent of Junior High West will be occupied with the Zachariah Connell students.Tim Mahoney, D-South Union Township, to consolidate school district administrations in Fayette County, with voters electing one school board. ” Wandel and Means said they would be concerned about the bureaucracy that would take place.

Carte said he witnessed “a loss of local control,” where some of the smaller areas of the county were forgotten about.

However, Duncan, a former district superintendent, said he thinks the district should adjust to the new certification design the state recommends.

Teachers now have to be certified to teach Kindergarten through fourth grade; fifth through eighth grade; or ninth through 12th.

“I think there are better ways to consolidate the district,” Kisiel said.

“There’s so much focus on bricks and mortar, and the focus should be on the children.

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The kids don’t care where they learn — the just want a safe environment, with the right tools, with enough teachers.” He said there are currently 20 overpopulated classrooms.

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