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Just to look at the statistics, a study from The Benenson Strategy Group in 2009 stated that 35% of students have used cell phones to cheat.Additionally, 41% of students admit to storing notes on phones to use during tests and 46% of teens admitted to texting friends about answers.With cell phones readily available in schools, cyberbullying can become a lot easier to accomplish.Cell phones can easily become seen as status symbols among students.

How can you expect a child or teen to absorb the knowledge they need to learn if they're not even paying attention?Smartphones can surf the web, providing high-tech ways for students to look for test answers online.Some models have advanced calculators, and depending on the software, may even be able to run custom applications that can contribute to academic dishonesty.Taking it one step further, a student can excuse himself to go to the washroom, only to use that time to send text messages about important questions.It's also important to bear in mind that cell phones are advancing and improving faster than ever.

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Obviously, kids won't be able to take out their cell phones and talk to one another in the classroom during an exam, but the concept of "passing notes" has stepped into the age of technology, thanks to text messaging.

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