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A number of later Jacobite writers followed James of Edessa .On the whole this sect produced the first scientific students of liturgy.The long Offertory prayers of the Greek Rite do not occur.The Epiklesis and Intercession are much the same as in Greek. At the Communion-litany the answer is Halleluiah instead of Kyrie eleison .708), who wrote a letter to a priest Thomas comparing the Syrian Liturgy with that of Egypt.This letter is an exceedingly valuable and really critical discussion of the Ignatius Rahmani II, Life of Severus of Antioch, sixth century).They give us valuable information about local forms of the Rite of Antioch-Jerusalem.

The Trisagion comes after the lessons from the Old Testament ; it contains the addition: "who wast crucified for us".The oldest Jacobite Liturgy extant is the one ascribed (as in its Greek form) to St. It is printed in Latin by Renaudot (II, 1-44) and in English by Brightman (pp. All the vesting prayer and preparation of the offering ( Proskomide ) are considerably expanded, and the prayers differ.This part of the Liturgy is most subject to modification; it began as private prayer only.We know this for certain in one point (the Trisagion).The first Jacobite writer on their rite is James of Edessa (d.

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The chronicle of their Patriarch Michael the Great (d.