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His focus became the so-called demand economy, time-saving “Uber for X” start-ups like Munchery (meals on demand), Style Bee (stylists on demand), Beepi (used cars on demand), and Uber itself: Pishevar’s reputation in Silicon Valley is based mainly on the million early Uber stake he secured in 2011 on behalf of Menlo Ventures, a firm where he worked for less than three years before leaving to start Sherpa Capital.

“Hyperloop is the ultimate pinnacle of that idea of: ‘Can we actually shrink space and time? Pishevar had heard Musk speak privately about the hyperloop idea, and in January 2013, while traveling on Musk’s jet to Cuba on a humanitarian mission in which Sean Penn was involved, Pishevar asked Musk what he was going to do with it.

In this, the age of the moon shot — of bold missions to make flying cars and “end all disease” — Musk’s hyperloop met all the criteria of bet-the-ranch, future-shaping audacity: a big vision, promising a new, “fifth mode of transport” after planes, trains, automobiles, and boats; the high purpose of using renewable energy; utopian visuals; and, perhaps most important, a terrific pedigree.And in recent years, he has assumed the mantle, up for grabs since the death of Steve Jobs, of Silicon Valley’s reigning deity.It was only Musk’s involvement that led many observers to take the hyperloop idea at least semi-seriously.Once, he declared that he’d been oversharing and quit Twitter, but it proved a short hiatus. A.’s gritty new Arts District, he recalled watching the bombs of the Islamic revolution fall and fleeing with his family to Washington, D.C., where his journalist father found work as a taxi driver and his mother as a hotel maid.

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