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This is especially the case when they see that the girl is herself Arab.

As I wear the headscarf and look Middle Eastern I know that I can be misunderstood as an Arab girl who starts a conversation with an Arab man.

As soon as we get off the bus I realise that many gazes are directed towards us.

They are mainly men who are sitting outside the cafes and restaurants talking to one another and watching people, especially women passing by. Having an Egyptian background and being familiar with the culture I know that generally in Arabic culture once a girl approaches a man it often means that she is interested in him.

About 5 minutes later when I come back with the coffee the scene changed already.

I see Alaya sitting next to the man on his table chatting with him. So I join both of them and Alaya introduces us to each other adding that the young men is stronger in Arabic than in English.

We talk about different things, about what we do and what we study.

He says that he feels that she will pick up the language very quickly.I look at the first café that we see and I can feel that most of the men who are sitting there want to chat up.We walk further to the next café but I also feel rather uncomfortable.There is respect as well as openness towards religion and culture in Britain, which makes up an essential part of Britishness according to him.He didn’t experienced racism in Britian and in his opinion it is rather an exception.

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