Cat williams internet dating

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Cat williams internet dating

It’s one thing that everything is lit in the same flat, harsh tones as the Cake Boss fucking around in his kitchen; it’s a whole other thing that the film’s overall font scheme is Comic Sans in bright neon colors.

When characters are introduced, the frame freezes into a handy character guide in hideous pink, yellow and green clip art.

Roughly around the point where the pickle incident happens, the film’s already precarious structure begins to unravel as several supporting characters are introduced.

It doesn’t help that the rest of the cast goes from disinterested to embarrassed to wildly over-the-top, but the worst performance of the film comes from Master P himself.

To continue my TLC comparison from earlier, let me say this: you know those painfully staged moments in reality TV when someone pretends to be working or discussing something with someone who isn’t a regular part of the show?

’ and forces him to rob a guy, then smoke up and go ‘weed make-a me very horny! His fellow restaurant employees (two interchangeably dumb dudes and a flippant girl) take the brunt of the abuse while Katt Williams is most likely off somewhere doing something more productive than starring in Internet Dating.

A quick shout-out to the production values of the film, which waver between TLC reality show and high school A/V class.

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Trey has this friend named Rabbit, a spazzy space cadet who we get to watch getting spanked by the aforementioned fat lady.

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  3. And, since not getting enough emails or not having enough men to date has never been a problem, are there any advantages to knocking my age down 5 years, since everyone thinks I look 32 anyways? I’m open to it if I saw advantages, but I guess I feel by keeping my age as much to the truth as possible, I’m weeding out ones who could be a potential problem anyways.