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These description should be attributed and the source will be given on the page, either in the bibliography or through one of the given online links, along with other references.

The comments on these descriptions made for some sites are those of Philip Davis unless otherwise stated.

The description is always derived for one or more published account, such as a scheduled monument report, a listed building description, an archaeological database or an academic text.

These descriptions are never the result of fieldwork by the compiler of Gatehouse.

This includes comments of map references, county boundary changes and place name evidence.As the information in this site is collected from a variety of sources the use of the term 'medieval' is not consistent. in regard to medieval buildings, is one open to much discussion.For some authors this term refers to the period from the withdrawal of Roman forces until about 1500, for others this period is two (or more) distinct periods with the 'medieval' period starting about the time of the Norman Conquest. Many of the buildings in this gazetteer, despite much insistence, were never intended to be used in actual warfare but were meant as a symbolic display of the status of the buildings owner.For information on some of the classification systems that are used for medieval fortifications click here.For a more detailed comment on what the confidence and remains statements mean can be found click here.

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Fortified building were generally the exclusive residences of these first two classes, although towns people, in particular the wealthier merchants, could also build fortified house and communal defences such as town walls.