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C propertygrid not updating

What if you want to provide the same editing experience that the . To get the Property Grid to expand the property, you will need to create a Type Converter.

A Type Converter provides a way to convert from one type to another.

Inside the code source generated, replace the CList Ctrl item with a CMFCList Control.

If you populate it with a couple of simple items you will have already a working Excel-like list.

Within this you can add items with the Add Sub Item function.

You can add a property group to the grid control with the Add Property function.

Add the _ Public Property Suggest Corrections() As Boolean Get Return _suggest Corrections End Get Set(By Val Value As Boolean) _suggest Corrections = Value End Set End Property End Class //C# [Description Attribute("Expand to see the spelling options for the application.")] public class Spelling Options Compile and run the options window application again.

The following screen shot shows what it should look like. Custom data types without a type converter, displayed in the Property Grid Notice how the property looks. NET Framework types, it doesn't expand or display a custom string representation. NET Framework types use the Type Converter and UIType Editor classes to provide most of the Property Grid editing support, and you can use them too.

There is no hard and fast rule about when to create a separate class to manage an object's properties; it depends upon your overall class design. Here is a partial list: For the options window in this example the toolbar is not needed, so set Toolbar Visible to false. To change how some properties are displayed, you can apply different attributes to the properties. You might want to change how some properties are displayed, and even choose to not display some properties. Many visual aspects of the Property Grid are customizable. Instead, this paper will step you though the process of using the Property Grid control to create an options window for setting application options. You could use radio buttons, combo boxes, or text boxes to represent these options.

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NET Framework and how to customize it for your application. Globalization Public Class Options Dialog Inherits System. Here is a partial list: _ Public Class App Settings Private _save On Close As Boolean = True Private _greeting Text As String = "Welcome to your application!

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