Burned out on dating

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Burned out on dating

Recently, researchers from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) have explored these ancient campsites to learn more about what it was that drew prehistoric peoples to the area.

Today Camp Bowie is a 9,297-acre training area for the Texas Army National Guard.

Police officers investigating the incident at Burbush car park in Burley Road, Burley, said it was not being treated as suspicious.

Archeologists often dig a series of test pits across a site to evaluate whether potentially important information about the past is present.

They don't just look for artifacts, they look for (and sample) distribution patterns of stones and bones, intact cultural features (such as a cooking hearth), and unusual circumstances where traces of the past are well preserved and undisturbed.

Camp Bowie, once the largest World War II military training facility in Texas, is located in Brown County, just south of the city of Brownwood.

Today it is used to train the Texas Army National Guard. Click images to enlarge Archeologists from the Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio test a site at Camp Bowie to determine whether it holds important clues about prehistoric life.

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"You're inspected two or three times a year, you never know when. That means that, every day, one of the 500 meals that leaves the kitchen could be judged." "Maybe I will be less famous but I accept that," he said, adding that he would continue to dazzle diners' palates "without wondering whether my creations will appeal to Michelin's inspectors".

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