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To ensure that the integrity of our site is not comprimised, all submissions will be reviewed by our management team before being posted online. Even in today’s more cocktail-centric world, in which quality ingredients and careful preparation are celebrated, and liquor is enjoying a wave of popularity and respect that it hasn’t seen since perhaps the days before Prohibition, even the best brandy still suffers from a bit of a stuffy reputation. Forget that image of an older gentleman in a robe, nestled into his arm chair in front of a roaring fire, swirling a gigantic snifter of amber liquid in his hand and taking from it the occasional sip. Like whiskey or gin, Brandy comes in many varieties, each with its own subtle nuances.

The ladies enjoy going on the "off the ranch dates".A good deal of the world’s brandy is made from grapes and, indeed, the word “brandy” derives from the Middle Dutch “Brantwijn” or “Burned [i.e.: distilled] Wine.” Wine-based brandies come in two types: regular and “pomace,” the latter of which is distilled from the skins and peels of grapes, in addition to just the juice.This gives a different, earthier flavor to the finished product.The Mustang Ranch Brothel is also a legally licensed Escort Service.All Mustang Ladies, as Independent Contractors, are legally available for dating. The customer/client with proper arrangements, may take one lady or a few ladies on an (Off the Ranch Property) date.

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In general the average age of the blend is much older than that of the youngest brandy, with many XOs easily reaching an average age of twenty years.

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