Brandi padilla garnett dating history

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Brandi padilla garnett dating history

KG is fiercely guarded over his private life, and has only called his daughter by a couple of nicknames like Peanut or Boo Boo.

Brandi Padilla has been established and well-known for being the wife of one of the highest paid NBA personalities Kevin Maurice Garnett.

Her husband Kevin, who has been nicknamed KG, is a basketball genius who has earned considerable sums of money for portraying his skills in the court.

He has also been involved in several altercations’ in the court and has been considered to be a force to be tackled with.

Brandi Padilla was born on the 25th of January, 1976 as Brandi Alyssa Padilla.

She was born to her mother Bernadette and has a sister too.

She surely is entitled to half of the net worth of Kevin Maurice Garnett.

Kevin is reportedly worth a whopping 7 million and as his career is on the peak, the salary seems to be on the rise as of now. The beauty of Brandi has been commented upon on several occasions.

The woman that is suspected of being Garnett's mistress is Annie Silvestri. If Garnett is cheating, he definitely picked a cutie to do it with. I'm sure more will come out on this in the future if it's furether verified, but for now we can only salute KG on at least taking his alleged affair out of the country to try and get away with it.According to ESPN, the two likely All-Star game teammates got into a serious altercation in the Madison Square Garden tunnel last Monday night.According to Black Sports Online, Garnett took a swipe at Anthony’s wife Lala Anthony, allegedly claiming that she “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.” Clearly Garnett crossed a line, but how do you think Brandi, his wife, feels about his tasteful declaration about this lady? Padilla, currently 36 years old, was born in January 25th, 1976.It has been rumored that Brandi is pregnant with the couple’s third child but the news has not been confirmed.Also, Garnett reportedly as an alleged mistress, Krissy Freiberg.

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Their marriage has been going strong and the result of it is two pretty children.

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