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She will use the sentence from the Nicola Method, “When you said that it seemed like you thought…” and then add the words, “I wasn’t a very good cook,” to the end of the sentence like this: There are a few possible endings to this scenario.She will either take back the insult by telling her daughter-in-law she didn’t mean it that way or she may change the subject out of embarrassment.Let’s say she notices a small flaw in your cookies.Insecure people often turn against weakness in others in an attempt to distance themselves from their own weakness.Because few people want to get into a confrontation with a disrespectful family member, they often feel helpless to try to create healthy changes in these relationships.But when adult children don’t put up the necessary boundaries that remind their in-laws that they are adults in their own right, they often find their in-law’s parental grip on them is too comfortable a pattern for them to let go of on their own.What most people wish they had is a way to stop the controlling, manipulating or even abusive behaviors without risking the relationship.Although this may seem impossible to achieve, you are about to find out that there is a way to stop the negative behavior without disturbing your standing with your in-law.

But there is one thing that all controlling in-laws have in common.

Either way she will have learned her lesson and will think twice before making a comment like that again. Then add what you think the real insult was,“I wasn’t a very good cook.” It is very important that you say the first part of the sentence the way it is written here.

You would not want to say, “Are you calling me a bad cook?

They break rules of relationships by trying to get you to live life according to them.

When an in-law tries to get you to live life according to their beliefs, here is the unspoken but very important rule that they are breaking.

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However, she may just as easily have been in a foul mood and was simply taking it out on you.

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