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Developmentally, they’re adolescents and resent their dependency on their parents who embarrass them, often disgust them, and constantly fail them by virtue of their shortcomings as human beings.

Adolescents have a number of developmental tasks to perform before entering a psychologically healthy young adulthood. the feeling that all options are open to them; they can no longer hold the fantasy that they can grow up to be whatever they want.

The acidity results from lactic acid, formed by friendly bacteria as they break down sugars.

On average, a woman discharges from her vagina about 2 grams of dead cells and about 3 grams of mucus every day, but the amount of normal discharge varies from woman to woman, and with the menstrual cycle.

Your wife is another dependent, just like your children. She’s an adult who refuses to grow up in this respect.

Women with a modicum of intelligence aren’t happy in this role.

By voluntarily giving up her career and making herself dependent, she’s infantilized herself and placed an unfair burden on you.

After a week or two, the tampon begins to fester, and there will be a foul-smelling discharge. If a woman has unprotected sex with a man who has it, she has a 60-90% chance of catching it.

It is serious because if it is not treated, it can spread upwards to the Fallopian tubes.

She’s angry and resentful about needing you and you’re angry and resentful because you’re shouldering the burden and she’s mad at you because of it.

These people are unaware of their dependency needs and often will loudly proclaim how independent they are; at the same time, their behavior reveals their need for a parental relationship with others who are emotionally important to them.

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Normal discharge does not smell, and does not cause any irritation or itching. And during sexual excitement, vaginal discharge becomes very profuse because two glands near the vaginal opening (Bartholin's glands) secrete additional slippery mucus, which acts as a lubricant for intercourse. ‘Lost’ tampons are quite a common cause of discharge.