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But I really enjoy decorating, expanding and generally making things more personal for my own tastes.Also one of the best features of Oblivion and Fallout 3 are all the items Bethesda put in the game that players can set up on display.Changelog: V:0.52- Added missing roof in one of the rooms- Added more spider-webs- Fixed some pathing on the top floor and balcony- Fixed missing light shaft on top floor- Fixed the find lord objective- Added kill bandit boss ojective- Updated FAQ reguarding quests V0.75- Implemented Shatterhorn Depths- Finished quest construction- Mod is now in BETA release V0.95- Fixed odd pathing in the mines/depths- Fixed texture issue in dungeon wall- Fixed and moved glitchy mannequin on third floor- Added storage to third floor crafting area- Added tanning racks to smithing areas- Fixed mannequin in north tower- Added archery targets to the balcony- Added a tonne of chests/mannequins/shelves/shield racks to the second floor halls as an option to purchase from the steward- Added banners to Lord Quarters (these change depending on what main quests you complete)- Added banners to the main hall depending on which side you take in the civil war.- Elsei now becomes a follower if you buy her gear from the steward.- Updated the huntress (Elsei) AI, she now hunts during the weekdays and is in the workshop during weekends.- Finally fixed bizarre behaviour making the entire castle population have a rave party (including the mage disco) in the north keep tower O.o- The smith now becomes a vendor once you give him money/tools via the steward.- The mage now becomes a vendor upon giving her husband (The Steward) the money for reagents.- Can now buy horses from Alga once you have paid Varon for stable equipment.- Updated stablemaster's AI- Diversified the knights schedules- Added ability to buy the cook some new ingredients (via the steward), and in return have him cook some awesome food.V1.00- Added miners, and the ability to hire them (they also put their weekly takings in the chest next to the smelter)- Added the garrison, and the ability to hire them- Re-added the dragon (friendly) you get at the end of the main questline- Fixed issue with banners in the Lord Quarters and Main Hall not changing correctly- Fixed issue with stable equipment not appearing and also fixed the cost of the horses- Moved the stable lean marker outside of tree- Changed the priority of the knight captain's idle behaviour- Fixed issues with inactive mannequins- Fixed smith's voice- Added Sergeant Athon, who becomes a follower once you buy him gear from the steward, also has a special ability- Fixed issue forcing the knights follow you if you change the captain's inventory- Made the guards wear default factional armour depending on the civil war outcome- Added a bridge to the stream nearby- Made the neaby road lead to the castle- Flattened and generally made the castle courtyard fancy- Fixed grey face bug- "And we're out of beta.

So I decided to use the vanilla planters and some shrubbery and so forth to give them a more natural look.A: They are designed to use the last wearable item (per armour slot) given to them, after loading them with your loot make sure the armour you wish them to wear is the last item you add to their inventory. A: On the ridge north of Ivarstead, just follow the road north out of the town and you can't miss it. The only issue i have now, is that after giving all the guards custom armor and weapons, they have reverted back to the original leather armor.Notes:- Mod only requires the base Skyrim game.- Rate this up if you want to see more mods. The talkling is a bit underwhelming, you get no idea what is going on when you get there, and you cant really talk to anyone in the castle. I do not have the same problem with the Knights, they are wearing every piece of heavy plate i gave them.When you start the game with the plugin installed, you get a journal update saying you heard a rumour about a siege at Battlehorn Castle.The lord of the castle has been killed, and the defenders are offering the castle itself as a reward for anyone who can help lift the siege.

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Battlehorn Castle from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was a good addon to that game, I liked the idea so much that I wanted to have that experience in Skyrim.

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