Avoid dating abused women chrisette michele dating wale

Posted by / 24-Apr-2019 20:25

Avoid dating abused women

Like anyone, who has made choices that are not the best ones.

I dont want to get into a heated discussion about this one I can just tell you that the woman i know that have been there and done that, are morelikely to think that there are lil green men running around in the back yard Unbelievable !!!! We are more vigilant though, because we know how easily we could fall into that trap again.

All I can say is RUN and I mean RUN, Dont even look back!

To me, women who had been in abusive realtionships, are damaged goods. Most of us are more than capable of healing from the past given time and support and the right help, i've seen it often and also done it myself.

Especially, if she's coming from a abusive father, abusive boyfriends etc. Those who do not believe this is possible often also have their own issues to deal with which are not yet resolved.

At some point she will think you're just like the others (eventhough you're not). However if someone is not ready for whatever reason you cannot force the process, some choose to go into therapy, some don't, but with the kindness of those with loving hearts and understanding will be able to heal in their own time.

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