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Austrialia dating habits

Oh look, here’s some of those tiny five-pence pieces scattered like confetti across the floor.

We know it’s because you need to empty your pockets of it since you don’t carry a purse, but perhaps it’s time to tidy up and get a man-bag.‘We’re out of cornflakes/sugar/bread’ said in an offensively accusatory way, as he empties the last of it onto his plate.

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For centuries, men and women have irritated each other with all those annoying habits that define the two different sexes. What women find attractive is tall, handsome, rich and, er, rich. And Woody Allen would not have had to marry his own adopted daughter.

Sadly, he hasn’t realised that looking after children is not just parks, pools and zoos — it’s also wiping, washing and cleaning.

You can’t just pick off the best stuff, leaving us to do the grunge.

And the same is true of chickens, so do not come into the kitchen when I am up to my elbow in one, filling it with onions and garlic and say: ‘Oh, the poor thing.’When you arrive at your hotel after a long journey and flop yourself down on the bed, she’ll stand in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips and say: ‘Well, this just won’t do, it’s supposed to have a view!

’ Then insist on seeing every single other room in the hotel, checking the view, testing the bounce on the bed, examining the bathroom, having you move all the luggage to six different rooms, before actually deciding that the first room was fine, after all.

It does not feel sad, or rejected, or worthless or unwanted.These phone, camera and computer chargers have joined old keys as things we can no longer throw away for fear that the moment we do so, we’ll discover a need to use them.And speaking of phones, why is he always there, with the i Phone or Black Berry surgically attached to his hand, constantly tapping the screen with the excuse that ‘something important from work’ might have just landed in the inbox.And yes, clothes can be air-dried, but it’s just so much more convenient — and they feel nicer — if you use the tumble dryer.If we’re going to be green, can this righteousness be extended to his habit of switching Radio 5 Live on but not being able to locate the off-button? Washing up means doing everything — including saucepans.

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