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Aunty online sex chart

The popularity of these search terms is determined by comparing its proportion of all other searches performed in each country.As opposed to the raw number of searches, this allows our statisticians to adjust for population density and traffic levels to what countries are more or less interested in each search term.‘Lesbian scissoring’ jumped a couple dozen positions to make the top 20 this year.

Well we’ve put together a special gallery below, just for that.

‘Generic’ porn is being replaced with fantasy specific or scenario specific scenes. One thing is certain; the typical ‘in-out, in-out’ no longer satisfies the masses, who are clearly looking for something different” notes Dr Laurie Betito, sex therapist and author of .

Here we’ll take a step into North America and see what search terms were trending in the United States over the course of the year.

It may have seemed like 2016 was never going to end, but here we are at the beginning of what we’re hoping will be a happy and healthy 2017.

Overall it’s been a pretty steady ride, but boy are we excited to kick off a new chapter!

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