Artofdatingwomen com

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Artofdatingwomen com

The ULTIMATE POWER is the power to INSTILL EMOTIONS in others. It's truly the addictive fuel of life, and since MATING and SEXUAL ATTRACTION is a FUNDAMENTAL, INSTINCTIVE part of life, the role of EMOTIONS is ESPECIALLY RELEVANT when it comes to being successful at creating attraction and trust with women.Emotions are so powerful that when we are feeling them we really are on a completely different plane of reality. Our brains simply DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE when emotions are running. This of course is the reason why it’s insane to get into a relationship with a woman who is overly emotional to begin with, or a woman who is a party girl or a club addict type or who drinks and takes drugs, for these women are putting themselves into situations where they lose control over their better judgment and will do things they later regret.

The reason is because we are NOT ATTRACTED to those who don’t even TRY.They are driven more by the power of the ability itself rather than by building any connection with the women themselves. Instead of being a pick up artist, I believe in being a provider of wickedly awesome emotions for those worthy of my time.Now, the FUNDAMENTAL starting point for creating AWESOME emotions is YOUR OWN EMOTIONAL STATE.We FELT what to do based on a deep INSTINCTIVE, EMOTIONAL response to external stimuli, whether it was an opportunity to gain food or shelter or sex or self-preservation, etc. Knowing how to create TRUST is important long term as well.These emotions COMPELLED US TO ACT, because the feeling was so strong of what to do, there was no other choice. Relationships break down because of a lack of trust just as much as because of lack of attraction.

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But unlike some people out there, I’m not going to LIE to you and tell you that it takes no effort, no practice, no development.

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