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I wanted to see it in person, so he invited me on a four-day camping trip to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with 12 friends he knew through the suspension community. For the first two days, I watched these new friends of different ages and backgrounds push hooks through their bodies and dangle above an isolated waterfall in the forest.“It is why I believe many individuals around the world put themselves through physical or mental tests to truly be one with God…to truly be in touch with yourself and others…The form of suspension he pioneered is not overtly religious, but more of a spiritual meditation to cleanse one’s body and mind of everyday problems.Cere Coichetti has been practicing suspension since a friend and fellow body modification artist in New York City introduced him to the practice in early 2001.I went up in a lotus position — [suspended by three sets of hooks: one in the back, the second in each thigh-knee area, and the third in each calf muscle] — one of the most intense pains I have ever felt in my life.

After she displays a clear sense of comfort, he pulls on the rope, and she rises into the air, held up only by the hooks in her back.Suspension is a 5,000-year-old religious practice that originated in India.Hindus would suspend each other during a ritual called vel kavadi, in order to show their devotion to the god Murugan.After my friend and I finished we just wandered around on this crazy high.There was this sense that we did this incredible and absurd and impossible thing, which put a lot of other things in my life into a different perspective — one where my struggles felt far less insurmountable.” – Gretchen Heinel Coichetti helped start a New York chapter of the “Rites of Passage” suspension group, learning techniques from one of Musafar’s apprentices.

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A disposal box was duct-taped to a tree and the tent was stocked with medical supplies that Heinel would bring out on trays.

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